Our bespoke services

Why choose us to restore your vehicle?

All of our specialist services are carried out in a bespoke manner, matched with care to the vehicle and undertaken sympathetically. We offer welding, mechanical restoration, electrical wiring, paint restoration and re-spray, patina paint and much more to ensure your vehicle is restored to the highest standards.

Julian Shoolheifer Land Rover Restoration


Where possible and appropriate we prefer to retain original patina. Things are only original once and every mark tells a story! However we can of course straighten, replace and repaint too but in keeping with the vehicle and always happy to advise. 

Julian Shoolheifer Land Rover Restoration


We carry out almost every aspect of restoration ‘in-house’ with only a handful of specialist jobs outsourced to

hand-picked specialists, we also manufacture a number of hard-to-find parts.

Julian Shoolheifer Classic Car Restoration


We are passionate about the preservation of classic vehicles. If it can be saved, overhauled and reused safely then we will! Specialist techniques can be used to blend new and old if required. When you bring us your prized possession or family heirloom you can rest assured that we will do everything to preserve everything possible.

Our ethos

Our ethos is different. At the core of our values is mechanical restoration and maintenance to the highest standards. We don’t just bolt on parts, we carefully fit them, adjust, modify if required and hone so that the best driving experience possible is obtained. We really want you to enjoy your vehicle and use it as much as possible.


We constantly see clients bringing us shiny but poorly restored or maintained vehicles and hear regular stories of how their enjoyment of their vehicle has been ruined by lack of reliability or poor performance. Many assume that poor brakes, steering and an awful ride go hand in hand with Land Rover ownership but it’s simply not the case.


When it comes to what we prefer, genuine patina or shiny restored, the answer is we appreciate both, but we adore originality. Whatever the cosmetic preference is we want you to have the best driving experience and enjoy your ownership.

Here at Shoolheifer, we help those of our clients, not fortunate enough to have had their vehicle restored by us, to enjoy their vehicles more and more, as we work through the niggles and annoyances of repairs and restorations carried out by those that pretend to know how these vehicles work. 

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