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We have a long and very experienced history with the sale of vintage and classic vehicles. With over 25 years running the car departments of some of the world's leading auction houses, to organising our own tender-sales and running a specialist classic car valuation business for the past 17 years we have handled sales to the tune of literally millions of pounds. In more recent years we have been involved in the sale of some of the most significant Land Rovers in the marque's history including Winston Churchill's UKE 80 and Land Rover Number 1 JUE 477. Our lifetime knowledge of the vehicles, along with the extensive professional experience in sales means we often get asked to aid with the sales of a wide variety of early Land Rovers, many of which are handled extremely discretely. On this page you will find listed any vehicles presently available for purchase through us. All of the vehicles you'll see here are carefully selected and usually are known to us through our workshop or valuation services. 


If you're looking for anything specific, or don't see any stock listed please don't hesitate to get in contact with us and we'll see if we can help. 

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