Featured examples of our work

HRM 832

1948 80in Land Rover

Full patina restoration and mechanical overhaul completed

GEW 132

1948 Land Rover 80in

Full restoration of a very early production series one

KGX 504

1949 80in Land Rover

“The Supercharged 80”

Restoration and conversion to include period-style supercharger

BEE 913

1949 Land Rover 80in

Full patina restoration and restored running gear

USV 663

1950 80in Land Rover

Restored faithfully in the 1980s, USV now resides in Ralph Lauren's personal collection

KAH 819

1950 Land Rover 80in

Previously restored, we added and restored a capstan winch to complete the vehicle

JRT 367

1950 Land Rover 80in

Careful preservation and a new engine fitted


1952 Land Rover 80in

A bare chassis restoration with sign written paintwork and mechanical restoration

GAS 176

1952 Land Rover 80in


Sympathetic restoration and light restoration of the running gear

300 EWV

1952 Land Rover 80in ‘Evie’

A faithful restoration and canvas interior overhaul

1953 Military 80in

Full chassis and bulkhead restoration

UKE 80

1954 Land Rover 86in

(ex-Sir Winston Churchill)

Our involvement with UKE 80

is a proud achievement

OBD 539

1954 Land Rover 86in

Full bare chassis restoration and special restoration of paintwork

LMS 940

1958 Land Rover Series 2 Number 64

Cleaning and careful preservation of one of the first series two production land rovers

LRY 807F

1967 Series 2a 88in


Re-painting and the addition of a winch and accessories

1931 Ford Model A Deluxe Roadster

A long term project, and Julian's personal vehicle