About us

Julian Shoolheifer was brought up around some of the world’s most exotic vintage and classic vehicles and owned classic cars, motorbikes and early Land-Rovers since the age of 13. It is hardly surprising therefore that he would end up working full time with classic and vintage machinery.


After gaining a degree in Fine Art valuation, then a successful career as a classic vehicle and automobilia valuer for 25 years, his lifelong passion for car restoration took over and as demand for his talents grew, Julian decided to make it his full-time occupation.


Julian's particular talent and passion for the preservation of original patina, blended seamlessly with mechanical refurbishment to the highest standards, means that each vehicle that comes through the workshop is unique and judging by a number of high-profile clients, such as Ralph Lauren and INEOS Automotive, is also held in high regard.


With wife, Kat Shoolheifer in charge of the day-to-day running of the business (as well as being hands on when her expertise is required), specialist Richard Spikins providing his considerable experience thanks to decades of Land Rover ownership and employment with Foley and Brownchurch and, of course, Bess the Labrador (canine workshop assistant), Julian Shoolheifer Limited is a team of highly-experienced individuals capable of offering a unique approach.

Julian Shoolheifer Land Rover Restoration