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1953 Minerva TT

For sale is this 1953 Minerva TT, the Belgian military version of the Land Rover 80" and built under license by Minerva. Purchased in March as a summer run about, now is the time to move on from this great vehicle. All in all it is a brilliant thing, it always starts 'on the button', the steering box is really nice and it stops very well. The engine pulls nice and strong and the gearbox is smooth to use. New front brake shoes and drums have been fitted  along with the installation of a RHD type, full exhaust system (it does come with a Series forever, Minerva side exit exhaust as spare), 'Classic white' LED headlight bulbs have been installed (so not horrifically bright white) as well as a new wiper motor and wiper blade. The previous owner had the dynamo fully rebuilt (comes with receipts) along with the distributor and various other items including a new full set of seats. All components appear to be numbers correct for the age of the vehicle. The chassis is in pretty good condition but the bulkhead, although reasonably good, has been patched in the footwells. The body work appears pretty rot free for a Minerva. Bad points are: Noisy thrust bearing sometimes and high clutch pedal (although it was never found to be an issue in use), temperamental dip switch and the hood is functional and correct, just pretty disheveled. All in all it’s a great vehicle with few issues, ready to get in and use. 

Price: £7,500 open to negotiation

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