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KGX 504 - 80in supercharged

Saved from being broken up and sold piecemeal on eBay, KGX was bought dismantled but largely complete aside from a missing engine. On tracing its history it emerged that it had spent many years local to Julian and their paths had crossed on many occasions.


The decision was therefore made to restore, carefully and with much original detail, but as the original engine was missing to embrace this and create something a little different.


The standard 1600 engine was replaced with a mid-50s 2 litre Rover car unit with alloy head, but fitted with an Eaton M45 supercharger, the installation designed and engineered by Julian. A larger 1 ¾” SU carburettor was installed, thermostatically controlled oil-cooler, special ignition, higher ratio diffs and sympathetically uprated brakes were amongst the carefully considered updates. The whole aim was to build a vehicle using only 1950s technology where possible and a painstaking patina paint job was carried out along with endless small period details.


With all works carried out under our roof the result was doubling the standard factory 52bhp to a rolling-road proven 105bhp and very acceptable road (and off-road) manners.


Magazine featured, a Goodwood Revival regular and a bit of an internet star, KGX now forms part of a private collection.


The  80in land rover was fully restored and fitted with an Eaton M45 supercharger.

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