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GEW 132

Purchased by a long-term overseas client of ours, this UK-market early 1948 model Land Rover was in need of a a comprehensive restoration. Whilst structurally the vehicle had little rot and was very original, it had sadly been in an accident at some stage in its life, resulting in heavy damage and a lot of poor repairs to various components including a heavily twisted and 'laddered' chassis. 

We carried out a fully comprehensive restoration, leaving no-stone-unturned and making sure we restored, mended and maintained as much of this brilliant vehicle's original components as possible, with nearly all aspects of the work carried out in-house. 


As with so many early 80", the original engine had been replaced sometime in its life with a later 2 litre unit. We sourced a correct age and type 'side plate' 1595cc engine which, along with all of the other driveline components were fastidiously rebuilt. The body had been twisted and heavily dented in the accident, filled over and then painted dark green. The owner wanted the vehicle returning to the original light green but wanted it in 'care-worn' condition. We colour-matched surviving original paint, painted to original factory specification and materials (no high-build primer or modern 2-pack paint) and very carefully worked our magic to give the effect of a perhaps 10 or 20 year old working vehicle. Underneath though the client chose to keep everything looking 'factory-fresh' and clearly, lovingly and immaculately restored. 


Completed to our typical high standards, no stone was left unturned in the restoration. 

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