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300 EWV - 1952 Land Rover 80in ‘Evie’

Our lovely client (prominent in the lifestyle clothing business) had recently had a bad experience buying a “fully restored” Series One Land Rover and it was our job to show him the other end of the spectrum! We located Evie for him and between us drew up plans to build the vehicle he really wanted and would enjoy driving. As usual we prefer to work with the canvas we are given and celebrating older and original paint. Evie had been repainted in the 70s but this paint job was lovely and mellow so the decision was made to work with it.


Stripped to the very last component, the original chassis and bulkhead were restored and every part brought back to excellent health. The axles, engine and gearbox, brakes, steering, suspension fully restored and the vehicle was of course re-wired, re-plumbed as a matter of course. One of our tried and tested later steering box conversions was carried out and some of our preferred brake modifications included. As usual a great deal of care was taken in setting things up and extensive road-testing to make it perform superbly and a joy to drive.


Specially commissioned canvas seating was installed to match the wonderful older canvas hood.  


A faithful restoration including canvas upholstery.

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